As an ethnomusicologist I study music and the ways in which musical practices relate to human society-thoughts, emotions, ideas, politics, religion, social institutions and power relationships, and artistic self-expression.

Upcoming book projects:

  • Gender in Music and Society: Exploring Universal Models

Current projects:

  • Music and State of Mind: Towards an Evolutionary Model of Gender, an article submitted for Context, a journal of music research at The University of Melbourne, Conservatorium. Click here for abstract

Recently published books:

  • Nino Tsitsishvili. 2010. National Unity and Gender Difference in Georgian Singing. Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • Nino Tsitsishvili (editor). 2010. Culture Paradigms and Political Change in the Caucasus. Lambert Academic Publishing.

  • The two books were launched at Monash University, by the vice-chancellor Prof. Ed Byrne.
    Click here to read about the launch

Some scholarly works published:

CD tracks: For the book - "National Unity and Gender Difference"